Teriyaki Portobello Mushroom Salad

This salad is sinful without the actual “sin”. It tastes so good, like a teriyaki steak, without all that fat.

It is a filling salad, so I love to pack it up and bring it to work. I get that satisfying meal without the hard work, the calories and the “nodding-off” effect I get with a heavy meal.

Vegans rejoice – this is your dish.


1 pack Portobello mushrooms (there is usually about 4 per pack), washed, de-stemmed and scraped underneath

2 tbsp. margarine (there are vegan ones available. I use Becel)

1/4 c. teriyaki sauce

1 c. sliced grape tomatoes

1/2 English cucumber, de-seeded and sliced in half-moon

1/3 c. diced pineapple

2 green onions, sliced on an angle, white and green parts

1 c. mixed green salad


After you washed and scraped and de-stemmed the mushrooms, slice them in either long thick slices or in chunks.




In a large pot, heat on medium-high the margarine and place the mushrooms in the pot. Add the teriyaki sauce and mix all together. Cover pot to allow steam to develop which will tenderize your mushrooms, about 1-2 minutes.


Once softened, remove from heat, place in bowl and allow to cool.

Assemble the salad by placing all the vegetables in a bowl…



Once portobello mushrooms in teriyaki sauce are cool to the touch, place on top of salad and pour the teriyaki sauce over the vegetables as salad dressing.




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