Protein Sneeky Pops

If you are a mom, you understood the “sneaky” part in this title even before reading the blog part. Guaranteed.

If you are a dad…keep reading.

Most kids hate veggies. I feel so terrible for some of my friends who can’t get their kids to eat anything healthy, let alone kale. This is why I came up with this simple, indulgent recipe which is  a perfect treat for the kids (just ignore the snow outside and the blizzard we are getting tonight) and for any health conscious adult like you.


1 c. frozen mixed berries

1 c. frozen diced kale

1/2 c. frozen mango cubes

1 c. 0% vanilla Greek yogurt

1/4. c almond milk



Blend all ingredients together in a blender except for the almond milk. Pour almond milk through the opening to loosen the ingredients and avoid the blender from clogging up.


Spoon mixture into 8 popsicle holders and freeze.


Bet you can’t believe they are eating kale, eh?

You’re such a genius…


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