Breakfast Berry Protein Oatmeal Shake

I often say that the key to my weight loss was eating breakfast in the morning. When I was on my weight loss journey (before I was diagnosed with cancer) I heard an expression that stuck with me:

“At breakfast, eat like a king.

At lunch, eat like a prince and

At dinner, eat like a pauper.”

This expression served me well. I cut out all the processed food and sugar I was eating, started working out 5 days a week and changed my attitude about myself.

Some mornings, let’s be honest, even with the best of intentions, we are rushing like mad people. With 3 kids and a job, my mornings can feel like I am on fast forward all the time. Especially when I didn’t sleep well the night before (new born baby). That’s where my Vitamix comes in to save the day. With simple ingredients, I would whip up a breakfast drink packed with all the good stuff and I knew that I was still on track.

Here is my recipe for those mornings when you need a healthy breakfast in 60 seconds. It makes 1 large shake.


4 frozen strawberries

1 c. frozen blueberries

2 c. almond milk (or non-fat Greek yogurt)

1 tbsp. flax oil (Keeps you regular. Omit if you don’t need it)

1 c. steel cut oats

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use Vega)

1 tbsp. agave nectar, optional


In a high powered blender, blend all ingredients.


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